There is nothing worse than a blocked drain in your home or place of work. It is in your best interests to fix a blocked drain right away, as they can cause flooding or damage to your property, as well as increase the risk of mould or mildew developing in your building.

Our qualified plumbers are happy to chat to you about the potential causes of your blocked drains and the best solutions to get them working again.

Why is my drain or sink blocked?​

The most common causes of drain blockages include hair, excessive grease, excessive paper usage, sanitary napkins, damaged pipes, food waste and tree root intrusion. Find out more about why you have a blockage here.

Can I fix a blocked drain or sink myself?​


In some cases, unclogging drains can be a simple task and you may be able to do so with simple home remedies. Find out how to clear a blocked drain at home.

If you are having a repeat problem or you don't know why your drain or sink is clogged, it is best to call a qualified plumber and find out what the problem may be. This way the blockage can be cleared safely and with minimal damage to your pipes or infrastructure.

Ferguson Walker Services can clear your blocked drains effectively.

How do we inspect and clear blocked drains?

CCTV Drain Inspection​

The fastest and safest way to identify a blockage is by performing a CCTV camera inspection of your drains. A waterproof camera is connected to a cable and fed into the pipe so we can find the location, depth and degree of damage or blockage.

Our plumbers can show you what’s occurring in live footage as the cable is pushed down, and we can even take photos or video footage if required. Once the blockage is cleared, we can check visually that all debris is removed.

High pressure jet rodding

The jet rodder is a high pressure water jet system used to remove blockages, debris and grease from the drainage line. This form of drain cleaning will cut through any blockage including grease, soil and tree roots. The pressure and reach of the jet rodder can be changed with different length hoses and nozzles.

Electric eel

The electric eel, or drain snake, is a steel cable with a cutter on the end that will spin through and dislodge the blockage as it is fed further into the drainage line. The electric eel is ideal for drains of all shapes and sizes, with interchangeable cutting heads and drainage cables.

Tree roots in drains

Tree roots can inflict severe damage on your pipes and drains, and we are experienced in removing them. The process of removing tree roots involves:

1. Precision cutting of roots

2. Clearing of debris from drains and pipes
3. Future growth prevention measures

4. Repair of damaged pipes

Service Location

Our experienced team can help you locate core infrastructure on your property, including water, gas, sewer, telecommunications and underground power lines. Once located, we can clear any blockages and safely carry out any work without damaging infrastructure.

We are fully equiped to perform CCTV drain inspections.
Ferguson Walker Serviecs uses modern drain clearing equipment such as the high pressure jet rodder.
We can clear your drains using the electric eel tool.
We are experienced in clearing tree roots in drains..
Ferguson Walker Services also offers service location.