Our experienced team can test, maintain & upgrade fire pump and fire hydrant systems in accordance with AS2419, AS1851, and AS3500.

We make it easy to keep your fire systems worksite compliant with Australian standards and QFES standards.

Testing, maintenance & upgrade of fire hydrant systems

Fire hydrants are a component of active fire protection providing a high pressure, large volume water pressure. It is important to keep your hydrant systems maintained in accordance with Australian standards and QFES requirements, both for your safety in the event of a fire, and also to prevent insurance claims being void due to non-compliant hydrants.

We can test, maintain and upgrade Brisbane fire hydrant systems.

How often does a fire hydrant system need to be serviced?

All hydrant systems need to be maintained and tested in accordance with AS2419 and AS1851. We are fully licensed to test and maintain your fire hydrants as part of the routine 6 monthly, annual and 5 yearly requirements of AS2419 and AS1851. We issue full service record reports to keep your fire documentation compliant, and we will notify you of any defects. Contact us to create your preventative maintenance plan to keep your worksite compliant with Australian Standards and QFES requirements.

We can test, maintain and upgrade Brisbane fire hydrant systems.