Our plumbers are fully equipped to install new water, sewer and storm water connections for Brisbane domestic, commercial and industrial properties. We are qualified to perform civil works in accordance with local by laws and SEQ Water & Wastewater Code.

Who is responsible for drains and sewers?

Urban Utilities states that property owners are responsible for the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of all the private fittings, mains connected water tanks and pipes on their property up to the water meter and sewer connection point. This means that all sections of drainage that lie within the property boundaries are the responsibility of the owners.

Only licensed plumbers can be used for any private drain or plumbing works. Our plumbers are qualified to perform a range of plumbing services, as well as civil services such as new water, sewage and storm water connections.

Does your property have correct storm water drainage solutions?

It is vital that all rain and storm water can be discharged from your property safely. If you are having issues with water discharge, call us today. 


We can review your current drainage, clear any blockages, and create clear plans to improve your current drainage solutions. If your property has older clay storm water pipes, we can replace these with new PVC pipes and connect these to the mains system.