Ferguson Walker Services provides a wide range of water leak detection services for domestic and commercial properties, including fire systems and potable water supply.


We can identify and repair sewer leaks, stormwater leaks and water mains supply leaks. 

Signs that you may have a leak:​

  • Persistent water stains on walls, floors, ceilings or woodwork

  • Damp or mould growth on walls, flooring and ceiling

  • Permanently wet areas of the yard or unusual growth of plants or trees in one area of the yard

  • Cracks appearing in concrete, tiles or brickwork

  • Warped or expanded cabinetry

  • Areas of paint bubbling or chipping

  • A musty or damp smell

Some methods we use to identify water leaks include ultrasonic leak detection and helium gas spectrometry leak detection. 

We provide a wide range of leak detection services for domestic and commercial properties.